AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball Self-Activation Automatic Fire Sensor for All Types of Fire

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AFO is a new and innovative way to extinguish and prevent fire hazards. With the shape of a ball and no special training required, simply throw it in a fire and it will activate within 3-5 seconds to effectively disperse its fire-extinguishing agents.

It is also equipped with an automatic fire sensor and can extinguish all types of fires such as Class A (solid materials), B (liquids), C (gases), Class E (electrical fires), and Class F (cooking fats and oils).

Main Features:

  • Eco-friendly agents made with water-proof plastic shell and harmless powder

  • Can be placed in fire-prone hotspots such as near electrical circuit breakers or in kitchens

  • Self-activating upon contact with fire and emits a loud noise fire alarm

  • • Automatic Activation: Sensing heat reaching to more than 70°C, it will activate in 3-5 seconds and release its fire extinguishing agents.

  • Applicable to all types of fire classifications:

    • Class A: Wood, paper, textiles, plastic, rubber
    • Class B: Flammable liquids, fuels, or paints
    • Class C: Combustible gases or gas fires
    • Class E: Energized electrical equipment
    • Class F: Cooking oils and fats

General Specifications:

  • Brand: AFO
  • Shape: Ball Type
  • Usage: Auto-explode
  • Automatic response: 3-5 seconds
  • Fire Extinguisher Type: All types of Fire
  • Content: Environmental harmless dry powder
  • Effective extinguishing area: 3 cubic meter
  • Apply to: Electric Case, Gas Barrel, Factory, Shopping mall, Gas Station, Hotel, House home, Car. Etc.


  1. You can place the fireball in which the flame occurs easily such as above circuit boxes, gas cans and ranges and other areas such as supermarkets, hotels, gas stations, or cars.

  2. Proposed Distance: 30cm away from the possible fire source, the effective area is 3 cubic meters.

  3. It is recommended to place (2) two balls in the same location to achieve the best protection.

  4. Place the round-bracket of the fire extinguisher on the wall and place the ball with the blue arrow directed downward

Note: The ball is self activating and would explode within 3-5 secs to effectively extinguish the flame

Package Inclusion:
(1) AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball with round-bracket

Warranty Policy: This Limited Warranty will cover free replacement of factory defective products only.

*To obtain warranty service, contact us we so can assist you further. Thank you for your understanding.

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