COMMONLABS Ggultamin C Real Gel Mask 5ea



Dermatologist-Tested 2-Step care mask: Exfoliant + Vitamin Radiation! 

Our skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells weakens as we age - dark spots and uneven tones become more visible. Peeling masks are here to the rescue, maintain a radiant-looking skin with Commonlabs’ secret. Ggultamin C Real Gel Mask is a 2-step care - exfoliant factors + nutritional moisturizer.

Perfect for: Aging, dry, unhealthy skin

Glow Facts:

STEP 1 | Calamine Peeling Pad 

  • Contains 3% calamine
  • Soothe skin and gently remove dead skin cells
  • Brightens the skin tone

STEP 2 | Cupra Sheet Mask 

  • Refreshing mask that is made of natural microfiber
  • Excellent breathability, soft texture
  • Brightening jelly essence


What’s in the Box: 35g x 5 Sheets (1 Box)


  • 7-day limited warranty.

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