COMMONLABS Triple Vita Balancing Mask 10ea



Triple vitamin (B,C,E) + honey extract restores a healthy and vital skin condition from being fatigued. If you have dry skin, it contains 6 layers of Hyaluronic acid that boost hydration level resulting to a moist, supple and dewy skin!

Perfect for: Very-dry and uneven skin types

Glow Facts:

  • Manuka Honey Extract (10,000ppm) prevents dryness and revitalizes skin
  • Vitamins B,C and E improves skin elasticity and complexion 
  • Has a lattice waffle structure for an excellent skin breathability
  • Mild scent 
  • Smooth and sticky-free finish

What’s in the Box: 30g x 10 Sheets (1 Box)


  • 7-day limited warranty.

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