Dreame Bot W10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

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Searching for the perfect robot vacuum that could navigate flawlessly through obstacles? Experience the latest from Dreame powered by AI Technology.

Go beyond into the future of robot sweepers. The new Dreame W10 Pro Robot Vacuum offers extreme cleaning precision and navigation. Powered by AI Action and video recognition sensors, the W10 Pro exhibits flawless object recognition and obstacle avoidance even through complex environments. Vacuum and mop in one go and enjoy hands-free cleaning with its self-wash and dry capabilities.


  • AI Obstacle Avoidance - Effectively and accurately avoids obstacles
  • Auto Cleaning Mode - Within sets of areas
  • Vacuum and mop function with self-cleaning mop pads
  • Self-washing - Includes 4L each of waste and fresh water tank inside the charging dock
  • Self-drying - Sterilizes the rotary mops with hot air to prevent bacteria growth
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Detection - Intelligently avoids carpet in ‘mopping mode’
  • LDS Lidar Navigation for dynamic and accurate path planning
  • Double Rotary Mop Pads - Spins at 180 rpm speed to remove tough and stubborn floor dirt (such as dust lint, sticky residues, and minor spills)
  • Use the Mi Home app control for set-up and customization

After Sales Agreement:
Twenty Four (24) - Months Limited Warranty
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