Dreame T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Accessories: T10 - HEPA Filter Kit


Clean safely and efficiently! Equip your machine with extra accessories to maintain your vacuum's 100% performance at all times.

Note: it is recommended to replace the filter and roller brush every 6-8 months on average use.

HEPA Filter Kit:

  • 99.97% Total filtration rate that filters microscopic particles
  • Filter as small as 0.3 microns
  • Prevents secondary pollution

Multisurface Roller Brush:

  • Anti-hair tangling v-shaped design
  • Made for multiple surfaces
  • V-shaped + comb teeth structure can effectively prevent hair from wrapping around the roller brush

Care & Maintenance
(HEPA Filter)
1. Remove the filter from the vacuum by pulling it down.
2. Wash it with clean water and make sure to rotate the filter 360-degrees and tap while rinsing to remove all dust thoroughly.
3. Air dry for 24 hours to ensure there's no water left inside the filter.

(Roller Brush)
1. Turn the lock counterclockwise until it stops, then remove the roller brush from the smart multi-brush cover.
2. Use a scissor to cut off the hairs and fibers that stick on the roller brush.
3. If it is dirty, rinse the roller brush with clean water and air dry for 24 hours or until it is fully dry.

Product Information
HEPA Filter:
Color: Grey
Compatibility: Dreame T10
Model: ATH1
Net Weight: 100g

Roller Brush:
Color: Grey & Black
Type: Smart multi brush head

What's in the Box:
Filter - (1) HEPA Filter, (2) Filter Lids
(1) Roller Brush Head

After Sales Agreement:
Thirty (30) - Days Limited Warranty. 
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