DreameBot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Enhanced dust disposal technology for faster and more effective cleanups.

Designed for automated hands-free cleaning, The D10 Plus Robot Vacuum intelligently returns to its collecting base for auto-disposal after every cleaning session. Dreame's very own Dual Boost Technology provides efficient and instant dust collection without any clogging.

Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably.

Main Features:

  • Dual Boost Technology - efficient dust collection by blowing and suction via two air circulation ways.

  • Accurately scans your home in as little as 8 minutes and avoids obstacles such as furniture

  • LiDAR Technology with Advanced SLAM Algorithm - Dynamic mapping with intelligent route planning

  • 4000Pa High Suction Power - Cleans hard floors to collect dirt, debris, hair, fur, and other dirt

  • Floor Compatibility - Moves freely regardless of floor type and condition

After Sales Agreement:
Twenty Four (24) - Months Limited Warranty
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