LED Studio Set with Softbox, Light head, Stand and Cantilever Bracket

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Are you tired of adjusting your camera settings and grainy films?

Professional and amateur photographers! We present to you one of the most budget-friendly LED Studio Set with LED Softbox, CY-L358 LED Light Head, Photography Stand, Cantilever Bracket, and Light Stand. With these, you can control the brightness of the lighting and capture the colors like they do in real life. Of course, LED lights are available in daylight or tungsten balance, as well as bi-color.

Compose your shot with our new LED Studio Set!

Specifications and Features: 


Soft Box

  • Softens the shadow on the photo and reduces the image by up to 1.3 f aperture. This is more like a diffuser film, which has been designed for this type of lighting. 
  • Easy-to-use, compact
  • Diffuser film purpose-designed for LED
  • Use it with the CY-L358 LED Light
  • Quickly collapses flat when not in use
  • Comfortable fabric carry case included
  • 50x70cm

CY-L358 LED Light Head

  • Designed to make the photo session more convenient and simple. With its hand-held design, it will be easier to move and use, also, much easier to find the perfect lighting. It has high luminous efficiency which is good in a narrow spectrum and will create nice monochrome effect pictures. With these features, You just don't create amazing photographs, this light is lead-free and without toxic substances such as mercury.
  • PC Light diffuser
  • Good color in the rendering
  • Color Temperature: 5300K±100K
  • Environmental Protection
  • LED Life Span: 50000h
  • Voltage: 110V-230V
Cantilever Bracket
  • Ultimately soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting; silver internal face to minimize light loss.
  • With Sandbag, telescopic holder arm, a sandbag for balance and can be adjusted from, strong enough.
  • Versatility: Great for portraiture, wedding formals, product photography, editorial shooting, and just about any other situation with human subjects.
  • Length: 2m

Light Stand

  • If you’re a photographer, either beginners or professionals, light stands are what you need.
  • As always, light stands are highly recommended since it is the best alternative for the studio, the easiness of assembling and disassembling, Made of black strong aluminum alloy which is very strong and stable.
  • It can be used with continuous light, strobe flashlights, as well as backgrounds that can make your photo, looks natural and perfect.
  • Length: 2m

Photography Stand

  • This stand is perfect for mini photographs such as food photography, mini items, and others. It comes with a mini studio background and will make your photographs more professional and much easier to do.
  • Size of Stand: 110cm
  • Size of Background: 100cm


What's in the box:

(4)LED Softbox
(4)LED Lighthead
(2) Light Stand
(1) Cantilever Bracket
(1) Photography Stand
(1) Photog Stand Background


Warranty Policy: This Limited Warranty covers any defects in workmanship under normal use (misuse and mishandling not included) during the Warranty Period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Prime Goods will replace or refund, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper workmanship. To obtain warranty service, contact us so we can assist you further.

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