Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original Shampoo and Conditioner 680ml

Variant: Shampoo


Nutrition intensive serum Shampoo & Conditioner. Nurture damaged hair while hydrating it with nature-oriented oils exclusively from Mise En Scene. It contains numerous prominent nourishing ingredients that will improve hair’s elasticity, cell regeneration, and draw out frizziness. 

Revitalize your hair from roots to ends with Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo & Conditioner! 

Perfect for: Dry, Split-ends, and Hair loss

Hair Care Facts:

  • Golden Morocco Argan Oil deeply revitalizes hair - free from frizzy strands
  • Gently clarifies built-up dusts while maintaining natural oils
  • Improve your hair strength, bounciness, and reduces hair fall
  • Contains 7x GOLDEN OIL (Argan, Camelia, Coconut, Apricot, Manula, Jojoba, Olive oil
  • Free of harmful chemicals such as minerals, animal oils, synthetic pigments, and more

 What’s in the box: (1) Original Shampoo / Conditioner 680ml


7-day limited warranty. CLICK HERE for more information

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