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Never underestimate the power of long lashes! 

MISSHA 4D Mascara feels light on the lashes and it does not clump up so you can layer it as many times you like. The result will be elongated but natural-looking lashes that last all day and all evening without smudging!

Glow Facts:

  • Black, pigmented mascara that lengthens, volumizes and separates lashes
  • Water, sweat, and oil-resistant
  • Gentle and doesn't irritate the eyes
How to use:
Coat lashes starting from the bottom and working your way up in a zigzag motion.

Purpose: If you want curvy and neat eyelashes without being lumpy, 4D Mascara is the one you're looking for!

1. 4D Brush Effect
- Square-shaped multi cutting brush effectively and neatly curves lash by lash.

2. Soft Texture
- By containing a large mixture of Plant Wax, it gets applied softly without dampness or being lumpy.

3. Smudge-less Lasting
- The protective layer with excellent water-proofing coats the eyelashes and maintains strong eyelashes that don’t get easily smudged or erased for a long time.

Package Content: 1x MISSHA 4D Mascara

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