Plextone Boost 1 Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

Save ₱191

Variation: Boost 1 - Red
₱799 ₱990


Offers a divergent way of immersing yourself in gaming.

It is equipped with a low delay wireless transmission chip, perfect for mobile gaming. Enjoy the powerful amplifier, clear microphone, and explicitly audible sound quality!


  • Ergonomic body design; bone conduction technology
  • Built with low 120ms input latency
  • Equipped with The NEW ‘Texas Instruments’ amplifier chip
  • Improves sound quality; reduces white noise.
  • 4-5 hours of gaming audio with a 2-hour charging time.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 - also works with 5.0 and below Bluetooth devices.

After Sales Agreement:
12 Months Limited Warranty
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Ⓒ PLEXTONE xMOWi Frequently Asked Questions

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