Plextone G15 Mark III In-Ear Gaming Earphones

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The UPGRADED VERSION of Plextone G15 is the absolute best gaming budget earphones! It is upgraded to V3.0, which can bring most of the noise and effectively enhance the sound of gunshots and footsteps, easier to identify positions!

  • 3.5mm In-ear earphones
  • Wire control upgrade
  • 500D bulletproof wire
  • Adjustable volume
  • Lightweight as 10g
  • Compatibility: Phones & Computers

Information that you need to know about G15 Upgraded Version:

  1. The outer shape of the ear shell is bigger, more solid, and fierce
  2. Upgraded earphone cable, 500D bulletproof wire
  3. New Noise Reduction V3.0
  4. Metal wire controller tuning, compatible w/ phone, and computer
  5. Match one-two computer transfer lines

After Sales Agreement:
12 Months Limited Warranty
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Ⓒ PLEXTONE xMOWi Frequently Asked Questions

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