SERY BOX SERYBURN Day Triple Diet Pills

Variation: Half box (14 packs)



Korea’s only triple functional diet as it has a triple unique mixture of Zantizen X Garcinia extract AND Aloe Leaf that takes action in body fat reduction and bowel movement.

Glow Facts:
  • Take for 2 weeks or 1 month continuously for fast result
  • 1 box contains 28 packs → 1 pack contains 3 pills
  • Vitamin B1 helps in metabolizing carbo and improves energy
  • Reduce fats, improves digestion and overall health
  • The triple main ingredient mixture is what makes it unique
  • Diet and swelling treatment at once (V-Line diet)

Intake: 1 pack (3 pills) before meal

What’s in the Box: Half Box (14 packs) / 1 box (28 packs)

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