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Health is wealth! As you prepare for the golden years ahead, trust Sery Box to help your daily diet habit.

Seryburn Night GOLD contains the appropriate vitamins and nutrients to keep active health maintenance in check. Formulated with selenium to help keep your mind, heart and body fit and ready for what matters to you most!

*Selenium is an essential mineral and must be obtained through your diet. The body only needs a small amount but plays a major role in an individual’s metabolism, and mental and thyroid function.

Ideal for: Women 40 - 60 Years Old

  • Take continuously for 1 month for faster results
             - 1 box contains 28 packs → 1 pack contains 3 pills
  • Selenium: protects the body from damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Vitamin B1: metabolizes carbohydrates and energy
  • Vitamin B2: helps in converting carbohydrates into glucose that produces energy
  • Vitamin B6: aids the production of the hormones and melatonin
  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract: reduces body fat, lessens weight gain
  • Lactium: emotional stress management
  • V-Line Diet synergy
Intake: 1 pack (3 pills) before sleeping every night

What's in the box: Half Box (14 packs) / 1 Box (28 packs)

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