SERY BOX Seryburn Night Diet Pills

Variation: Half Box (14 packs)


SERY BOX’s Ultimate Best-Seller 🥇

Your best slimming pack companion before sleeping. Reduce body fats and relieves stress along with its patented effective ingredients that are proven and tested. Complete your night care diet with Seryburn Night!

Glow Facts:

  • Take for 2 weeks or 1 month continuously for fast result
  • 1 box contains 28 packs → 1 pack contains 3 pills
  • Improve energy level with its Vitamin B
  • Reduce fats while increasing the lean body mass
  • Relieves tension and slimming capability is what makes it unique
  • Diet and swelling treatment at once (V-Line diet)

Intake: 1 pack (3 pills) before sleeping every night

What’s in the Box: Half Box (14 packs) / 1 box (28 packs)

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