SERY BOX Serycut Starter Blooming Shining



Korea’s popular diet supplement now come in a duo pack. #SeryBox

Glow Facts:
  • Take as a set and not individually
  • Sery Box routine of 1 month for effective results
  • Set consists of ‘Shining’ and ‘Blooming’ pills
    • Shining - 6-fold multi-functionality, cuts CARBOHYDRATES
    • Blooming - 9-fold multi-functionality, stimulates FAT BURN

  • Before meal: Shining 3 pills, ONCE per day
  • After the meal: Blooming 2 pills, ONCE per day

What’s in the Box:
Bottle of Shining w/ free mini tub (47.6g x 56 pills)
Bottle of Blooming w/ free mini tub (75.6g x 84 pills)

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