TONYMOLY Tony Lab AC Control Spot Patch


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Stop popping pimples and try to start using these overnight spot patches for more cleaner and faster healing process!

These overnight spot patches are great for treating and calming blemishes and pimples. The clear patch is infused with skin-soothing ingredients like sage and Centella Asiatica extract to heal blemishes faster and protect from contamination.

Glow Facts:

  • Easy to use spot treatment patches effectively treat acne breakouts in two ways.
  • These patches are for a great solution for treating pimples individually.
  • Spot Treatment, Acne Care, Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory, Minimizes Blemishes
  • The round type patch is designed to take care of pimple or trouble against bacteria or dirt.
How to use:
1. After daily cleansing, use the patches on the spots after the towel-dry of the face and leave them after 8-10 hours.
2. Do not apply any skincare product before using the patches. The use of skincare or makeup products may cause the patches to fall off easily. Don't use it on the wet face.

Recommended using during sleeping time every night for the best result.
Do not keep the product in a hot area or under the direct sun. Recommend keep in the freezer.

Package Content: 1x TONYMOLY Tony lab Spot Patch

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