W.DRESSROOM Fabric Refresher Febclean Antibacterial Cloth Deodorizer

Scent: No. 03 Baby Greentea


This Fabric Refresher Febclean cleans away unpleasant odors on the areas of your house even on your clothes. It deodorizes linens and clothes; eliminates bacteria instead of temporarily getting rid of the stench. It uses Germany DROM perfume for a long-lasting fragrance.

Experience the antibacterial effect and pleasant smell at once. Available in different variants!

Recommended for: a multipurpose fragrance spray that deodorizes and kills germs and bacteria

Glow Facts:

  • 99.9% certified antimicrobial deodorization effect
  • The unique fragrance stays in the fibers. It has a long-lasting pleasant scent
  • Adopts skin-friendly ingredients
  • With high-moisture antistatic effect to reduce skin discomfort
  • Applicable to use for a long time for its super-large capacity of 500ML

How to Use:
Spray directly on your clothes to remove unwanted odors such as smoke. Use it in areas in need of refreshing, such as bedding, closets, and car interiors.

Package Content:

  • 1x W.DRESSROOM Fabric Refresher *chosen variant* 500ml

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